December 11, 2018


The Clutch Basket is a new podcast about cars, motorcycles and trucks, hosted by Gordon McNeill and Matt Kee. Keep checking back for new episodes every week! Subscribe to our Instagram feed to see photos and digital art of the automotive treasures we find.

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  • Free for all 1
    Free for all Episodes are off the top of our heads, so facts are only as accurate as our memories permit. We love to be contacted by listeners if you feel like we have missed something/gotten it wrong!This episode contains everything from Caprice Classics to 125 motorcycles. On the way, we cover early air cooled […]
    Gordon McNeill & Matt Kee
  • Engines By Country
    We split up some of the world's most innovative engine design and manufacturing countries and pick some of our favourites from over the years.Britain, Japan, Italy, U.S.A and Germany provide the categories and we go from 4 cylinders to 12 cylinders as we navigate the globe.
    Gordon McNeill & Matt Kee
  • The First Episode!
    Episode 1 gives you a look into our tastes and opinions on fun and classic vehicles. Instead of the boring old, "what's your favourite car," or "what's the fastest/most expensive _______," we have picked some categories that are a bit different!  The categories are:a utilitarian vehicle;an affordable classic; and old skool performance.You get to choose a car, […]
    Gordon McNeill & Matt Kee